• Mission:

    To empower, equip, and provide children with disabilities a chance to experience a happy and fulfilling life.


    Provide equal opportunities to children with disabilities while transforming the communities to ensure that every person with disability is accepted, included, and not perceived as different.

    Core Values:

    • Dedication to Integrity; CaHD is committed to performing only honorable initiatives that are run in an honest, transparent and ethical way.
    • Empowerment: We are not seeking to find quick fix solutions to the problems we are solving. We strive to provide solutions by working together with children with disabilities, the community, churches, and all other esteemed donors. We connect and work hand in hand to make the community a better place to live..
    • Commitment to engage with the community; We believe that individual differences in people is just but a natural part of life that brings in the uniqueness, different insight and abilities in the community that contribute to overall wellbeing of the society.

about us
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