• Our Facility

    Our facility is to be constructed at CaHD piece of land located in Kenol, 36 miles North of Nairobi, Kenya. It will be a home to approximately 200 children with moderate to severe special needs including those diagnosed with autism, cerebral palsy, and down syndrome among other disabilities like blindness, deaf as well as the physical challenges. With a wide range of activities and programs, every child's deepest desires will be realized and met, or at least approached.

    With the severe conditions that children with disabilities are enduring in their day to day lives, this facility will be providing them with a place to call home for the time CaHD will be taking care of them. A place they will find love and care on top of having their other needs met.

    It is in this facility that each child's needs will be established by a team of experts and a care plan will be developed, customized to meet the needs of each child. Based on their needs, we will then provide the tools and environment needed to achieve the established goals.

    We currently have 120 children on the waiting list, hoping and wishing that this facility would be complete so that they can move in and be guaranteed of having a meal every day, a roof on their heads, somewhere they can chase their dreams, and share their stories.

    We are currently raising funds to build this facility, we have already acquired a piece of land, we need your help in making this dream come true. Your kind donation, even a dollar, will lay a brick on this major project.


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