• Why Cate's Hope Foundation

    There are hundreds, even thousands of nonprofit organizations that you can choose to help, why would you consider to give us now?

    Will providing food, shelter, clothing, medical care, education, medical equipment like wheel chairs, among other things to children with disabilities result in these children being accepted, included and embraced in society? Would the plate we give today impact future generations with a lasting impact? Probably not because after the plate is gone or the wheelchair is broken, the need will still remain.

    And what about the real problem of stigmatization and the perception society has towards disabled children?

    Cate's Hope Foundation understands that the problems children with disabilities are facing in Kenya today are beyond physical needs. As a matter of fact, culture has been associated with more that 85% of these problems. We have developed systematic solutions meant to heal souls from the root up establishing a ground for future generations. We are shedding light in the communities that will bring to an end the stigmatization and discrimination against children with disabilities. We are encouraging them to be treated as equal to other children.

    We are using the effective intervention methods to educate, enlighten and empower communities including beneficiaries to achieve this mission.

    When considering children with disabilities suffering especially in developing nations, many people feel this deep sorrow that baffles their mind. They see these children suffering from extreme poverty lacking basic needs, not to mention the burden of stigmatization these very children are meant to carry by their societies. We have seen the extreme of parent hiding, disowning and even letting them out into the cities where they are accused and abused, in extreme cases killed.

    People see and feel the pain but easily conclude that there is nothing they can do. The scale of children with disabilities that are suffering in Kenya alone is immense. We may seem powerless to stop it. While their suffering is extreme and widespread all over the country, it is easy to forget just how powerful our pocket change can become if pooled together. Did you know just $10 can feed almost 5 children for a day? Some spend hungry nights and their prayer is to have just one meal a day. You do not have to be a millionaire to make a significant difference! Even small donations have the potential to change someone's life.

    Giving to Cate's Hope Foundation benefits one of the world's neediest people because this problem can be solved. Even small donations have an impact. What will your impact be?

    Cate's Hope Foundation is a movement dedicated to prepare a better world for children with disabilities in Kenya.

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