Disability is not Inability
Join Hands in Transforming the Lives of Disabled Children in Kenya

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  • Welcome to Cate's Hope for the Disabled Inc. (CaHD)

    Cate's Hope for the Disabled Inc. (CaHD) is a non-profit Christian humanitarian, 501 (c )(3) organization that is fully committed to changing the lives of children with physical and intellectual disabilities in Kenya so that they may experience a normal life like you and me.

    "Children living with disability are highly disadvantaged – firstly because most parents and guardians lock them up in their houses." Sarah M. Masau – Kenya Global Youth Ambassador

    CaHD is providing tailored solutions to promote awareness, unity, inclusion, education and equality in Kenyan communities. We work to provide opportunities for children with disabilities so they can experience a fulfilling life.

    Did you know that:

    • Some parents and guardians in Kenya do not accept their children with disability and strongly wish if they would die. They hide and starve them.
    • Approximately 90 to 150 million children today are living with disabilities.
    • Around 33% of street children have disabilities
    • Mortality rate for children with disability is as high as 80% in some developing countries.
    • About 90% of children with disabilities do not attend school.
    • Some schools in Kenya reject enrolling children with disabilities.

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  • "The problem is deeper rooted than just providing these kids with food and meeting all their physical needs.

    Our society's perception to this minority group need adjusting because we create the stigma that exist when we perceive them as different when they are not. They are humans like us and should be treated equally" Cate Mburu - CaHD CEO and Founder

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